FIGHT against discrimination

The High Commissioner intervenes to resolve cases in which a natural or legal person alleges that he/she has been a victim of unjustified discrimination within the Principality.

The High Commissioner's powers also extend to the private sector in such cases.

In the absence of a legal definition of "unjustified discrimination", the High Commissioner examines these cases on the basis of the general principles of international law, as applicable to Monaco with regard to national and territorial priorities arising from the Constitution or laws and regulations.


I have been a victim of discrimination. What must I do before contacting the High Commissioner ?
The High Commissioner has the power to examine complaints from any person who believes they have been the victim of unjustified discrimination within the Principality. Discrimination covers many types of behaviour and can be based on a number of different factors (age, gender, origin, health, pregnancy, union activity, etc.). Discrimination is often difficult to prove. Try to gather as much evidence as possible. Keep a written record of all correspondence with your employer or gather testimonies from your colleagues or third parties. You can use these documents to create a dossier, which you can then submit to the High Commissioner to support your grievance.
Can I be refused a job because of my disability ?
No. According to Article 34 of Act no. 1.410 of 2 December 2014 on protection, independence and the promotion of the rights and freedoms of disabled people, a disabled person may not be treated differently because of his/her disability when it comes to matters such as recruitment, pay, training and professional promotion, as well as more generally for obtaining any good or service.
I failed to get a job because of the employment priority rules. Have I been a victim of employment discrimination ?
Under Article 25 of Monaco's Constitution, Monegasque citizens have priority when it comes to employment in both the public and private sectors. This means that, where two candidates meet the criteria for a particular role, and are of equal merit, the Monegasque citizen will be offered the position.