Public Notices of Bills

Notice dated of 14 February 2024

Notice dated of 22 December 2023

Notice dated of 22 November 2023

Notice dated of 07 July 2023

Bill n° 1078 adapting legislative provisions to combat money laundering, terrorist financing and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (Part II)

Notice dated of 20 June 2023

Bill n° 1074 on compensation for victims of sexual offences, crimes against children and domestic violence

Notice dated of 31 March 2023

Bill n°1073 on leave giving in the private sector

Notice dated of 10 March 2023

Bill n°1070 establishing a monegasque complementary persion fund

Notice dated of 07 December 2022

Bill n° 1054 on personal data protection

Notice dated of 18 July 2022

Bill n° 1031 amending some provisions of the Criminal Code relating to investigation and application for review in criminal matters

Notice dated of 18 July 2022

Bill n° 1030 on preliminary investigation and alternatives to prosecution

Notice dated of 06 May 2022

Bill n° 254 instituting the right to be forgotten in terms of bank loan insurance

Notice dated of 08 April 2022

Bill n° 1040 on the protection of patients’ health in treatment facilities

Notice dated of 23 September 2021

Bill n° 1036 on school bullying and violence bill

Notice dated of 20 September 2021

Bill n° 1034 relating to reworking or adding to some of the provisions in Act No. 1.357, dated 19 February 2009, defining the right to buy contract (“habitation-capitalisation”) in the state-owned housing sector

Notice dated of 06 September 2021

Bill n° 1043 introducing an obligation for certain categories of individuals to be vaccinated against Covid-19

Notice dated of 01 April 2021

Bill n° 1027 introducing reforms to the provisions on the criminalisation of sexual assault

Notice dated of 13 February 2020

Bill n° 895 overhauling the status of the State’s civil servants

Notice dated of 25 September 2019

Bill n° 999 on decriminalising abortion for pregnant women