High Commissioner takes part in 10th AOM Conference in Skopje (Macedonia)

High Commissioner takes part in 10th AOM Conference in Skopje (Macedonia)

30 May 2018

The High Commissioner took part in the 10th Association of Mediterranean Ombudsmen (AOM) Conference in Skopje on 30 and 31 May 2018, at the invitation of the Office of the Ombudsman of the Republic of Macedonia, which is celebrating its twentieth anniversary. The focus of the meeting was “The ombudsman as the protector of social, cultural and environmental rights.”
The event, which also coincided with the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the Mediterranean network, gathered together, over a period of two days, around 20 ombudsman institutions from all four shores of the Mediterranean as well as representatives from various Council of Europe bodies and a large number of human rights experts to discuss the following issues:

  • The role of the ombudsman in protecting the social rights of vulnerable citizens;
  • The role of the ombudsman in protecting citizens’ cultural rights;
  • The ombudsman as a protector of the environment.

At the end of these discussions, the High Commissioner took part as a voting member in the AOM’s General Assembly, which reappointed the network’s governing bodies and concluded with the unanimous adoption of the Skopje Declaration on Social, Cultural and Environmental Rights, addressing all governments of the states represented.
The Monegasque human rights body joined the network during the 9th AOM Conference in Malta on 9 and 10 March 2016.

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