GRECO team visits for 5th evaluation round From left to right : Michel Claise ; Méryl Thiel ; Marina Ceyssac ; Silvia Thaller ; Cristina Lenisk ; Stéphane Leyenberger.

GRECO team visits for 5th evaluation round

22 November 2023

A delegation of evaluators from the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) visited the Principality during the week of 20 November, as part of its fifth evaluation round looking at the issue of top executive functions of government and law enforcement agencies. 

The delegation held talks with the High Commissioner’s team, which included a presentation of the institution, its place in the Monegasque ecosystem and its workings, in addition to the procedures by which it can receive complaints. The High Commissioner stressed the importance of the ombudsman’s role, the conciliation aspect of its work and its accessibility for citizens.

The discussions focused particularly on the High Commissioner’s mediation efforts and relations with the Government, including topics such as the issuing of residence permits and permits to carry on business activities in the Principality, as well as the way in which discrimination cases are dealt with by public services. 

The delegation’s members also wanted to find out about the ways in which civil society is able to take action in Monaco. 

Discussions were also held on the possibility of the institution taking part in public service training, to raise awareness about the various forms that discrimination can take, and the High Commissioner took the opportunity to reiterate its call for the adoption of a framework law in this area.