Formal visit of the High Commissioner to the National Council From left to right : Dominique Pastor, National Council Legal Affairs Advisor, Christophe Steiner, National Council Vice-President, Anne Eastwood, High Commissioner, Laurent Nouvion, National Council President, Valérie Rossi, National Councillor

Formal visit of the High Commissioner to the National Council

24 April 2014

On 24 April 2014, the High Commissioner attended a formal meeting with the President of the National Council. Anne Eastwood held a one-hour meeting with Mr Laurent Nouvion. Also in attendance were Mr Christophe Steiner (Vice-President of the National Council), Mrs Valérie Rossi (Member of the National Council) and Mrs Dominique Pastor (National Council Staff Member in charge of Legal Affairs).

During this amicable meeting, Mrs Eastwood explained the role of the High Commissioner to members of the Assembly and answered questions about her activities and powers.

The meeting was an opportunity to discuss potential synergies between the High Commissioner's legal powers and the National Council's political activities, with a view to protecting individual situations and changing administrative practices where necessary to better protect human rights and achieve greater equity.

The High Commissioner's anti-discrimination activities were also examined in light of the powers of the new National Priority Watch Unit, created within the National Council. During a discussion on recognised priorities in Monegasque positive law for citizens and certain population groups, a consensus was reached over the need for ongoing consultation between the High Commissioner and Mr Albert Croesi, who is responsible for coordinating this unit.