AOMF seminar in Rabat (Morocco)

AOMF seminar in Rabat (Morocco)

03 May 2017

On the margins of a meeting of the governing bodies of the Association des Ombudsmans et Médiateurs de la Francophonie (AOMF, Association of Mediators and Ombudsmen of La Francophonie) held from 3 to 5 May 2017 in Rabat, the High Commissioner, at the invitation of the Mediator for the Kingdom of Morocco, participated alongside her counterparts in a seminar to share experience of best practices in ethics.

Over a period of two days, the event brought together more than 20 mediation and ombudsman institutions from French-speaking countries, as well as representatives from the International Organisation of La Francophonie (IOF) and the Council of Europe for discussions on the theme “Towards a Guide to Ethical Principles for Mediators/Ombudsmen and Their Colleagues”.

The very fruitful exchanges laid the foundations for the development of a charter setting out all of the qualities and values essential to the activity of an ombudsman and provided an opportunity to consider the professional conduct that mediators and those who work with them should adopt in order to fulfil their missions with the necessary independence and impartiality.

This guide to ethical principles, which will be ratified by the network’s general assembly at its meeting in late 2018, aims to serve as a reference for national institutions to develop their own ethical codes or complement existing provisions in this area.

Anne Eastwood was accompanied on her visit to Morocco by Christelle Revel, who joined the Office of the High Commissioner as Legal Advisor in January.