04 April 2023

Providing citizens with information regarding the specific law on a particular real property

In this particular case, the High Commissioner explained to the claimant that the property concerned was subject to Act No. 887 of 25 June 1970 rather than to Act No. 888 of the same date, as it had been leased prior to 1970, a fact of which the claimant had been unaware. This was not the case of the other properties situated in the same building, which were covered by different laws, specifically Act No. 888 of 25 June 1970.


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Referral Tracking


The Government has taken note that in the future, in the event of dispute of the status of a property under law, the Administration will communicate without delay to the applicant, in support of its decision, the factual elements which motivate it and in a concern for quality of relations with the citizens, exchanges will always be privileged or even reinforced.