05 March 2021

Allowing prisoners under psychiatric treatment regular access to an outdoor space

The High Commissioner paid a visit to the secure room used to house prisoners at Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace (CHPG). It was observed that whilst the room itself has entirely adequate material conditions, there was an issue with the ability of prisoners to access an outdoor space. While the CHPG’s management has clearly made efforts to meet the requirements of the CPT, while complying with the significant security restrictions imposed by the Police Department, it must nonetheless be noted that the resulting facility is unsatisfactory, since the dedicated area is in reality more like an extension of the room itself, than an outdoor space. The High Commissioner recommended that the various parties concerned come together once more to review the design of this space, or alternatively to look at other solutions that are more appropriate for the physical exercise of hospitalised prisoners.

The entire recommendation is available on the site in french version only.