Information leaflet for people with disabilities

Information leaflet for people with disabilities

03 December 2015

This year, the Department of Health and Social Affairs organised the 4th Monegasque Meeting on Disability, with the theme "The Law on Disability, One Year On". To mark the occasion, the High Commissioner for the Protection of Rights, Liberties and for Mediation and the Prince's Government have come together to publish a leaflet, designed to inform people with disabilities about their rights and how to exercise them. 

The leaflet, entitled "Disabled People: Your Rights", explains briefly the measures introduced by Act No. 1410 of 2 December 2014 on the protection, autonomy and promotion of the rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities, aimed at helping disabled people with their personal circumstances and assisting them in all aspects of everyday life (employment, housing, health, mobility, financial support, education, etc.). It includes advice on the qualifying conditions and which organisations to contact in order to take advantage of these measures. The leaflet also explains how disabled persons can appeal to the High Commissioner, if they experience difficulties in exercising their rights or if they feel they are the victim of discrimination.

At the invitation of the Minister for Health and Social Affairs, the High Commissioner spoke before an audience of professionals, non-profit organisations and disabled people at the unveiling of the new information leaflet, which will be distributed from January 2016 in a range of public locations (government and municipal offices, healthcare establishments and medical centres, non-profit organisations, etc.).

Anyone interested in obtaining or distributing the leaflet should contact the High Commissioner's office for free copies.