Anne Eastwood appointed as Monaco's first "Ombudsman"

Anne Eastwood appointed as Monaco's first "Ombudsman"

03 March 2014

H.S.H. Prince Albert II recently appointed Anne Eastwood, 38, as Monaco's High Commissioner for the Protection of Rights, Liberties and for Mediation for a term of four years.

This new, independent public role was created by the Sovereign Ordinance of 30 October 2013. The incumbent is responsible for ensuring that the public authorities respect citizens' rights and freedoms, and for combating unjustified discrimination, including in the private sector. This free service is open to any person who has a grievance with an administrative decision or with the functioning of an administrative department, as well as to any person who believes they have been the victim of unjustified discrimination under the priority rules in force within the Principality. The person concerned will then receive an impartial examination of his or her case and, where applicable, institutional support for the protection of his or her rights on a non-adversarial basis. The administrative authorities may also refer a case that has already been the subject of a prior administrative appeal to the High Commissioner, in an effort to seek an amicable settlement.

This new Monegasque "Ombudsman" role is intended to promote dialogue and secure peaceful outcomes to conflicts. It reflects the State's long-standing commitment to modernisation and the adoption of best practice, and to the promotion of transparent, responsive and accessible governance.

Anne Eastwood is of Monegasque nationality, studied at Lycée Albert I and is a graduate of the HEC business school. She also holds a postgraduate diploma (DESS) in business law from the Jean Monnet Faculty of Law (Paris XI). In 1997, after completing her certificate of aptitude to practise law (CAPA), she began her career as a lawyer at the Paris Bar, working for a series of high-profile law firms across Paris over a eight-year period. She returned to her native Monaco in 2003, where she joined the Directorate General of the National Council, first as Project Leader for Legal Affairs, then as Director General of the National Council, and finally as Head of Cabinet for the President of the National Council. She joined the civil service in early 2010, spending two years as Director General of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, before taking a temporary break on maternity leave. In March 2013, she took up a temporary position with the Minister of State, working closely with the Chief Legal Advisor to the Government.

Mrs. Eastwood was appointed as the first Monegasque High Commissioner on Monday 3 March 2014, at which point she was officially seconded from the Administration for the duration of her term. She was officially sworn in at a ceremony at the Prince's Palace, before H.S.H. Prince Albert II and representatives of the Principality's various authorities.